Bus to Udaipur

Today Harri woke up feeling unwell and remained ill for the rest of the day so we had a bit of a rest day. We returned once again to Dylan’s where we stayed until our bus in the afternoon. I went and booked our remaining train journeys for the trip as we had finally nailed down where we were going and when.  Just after lunch the most torrential rain started to fall, the drains couldn’t cope with it so the terrace started filling with water and all the floor cushions etc. had to be moved, it was all over within an hour though and then it cleared up. We made the most of the break in the weather and got an auto-rickshaw to the bus station, on the way we drive through numerous puddles and some areas of knee deep water.

View from the balcony

Our bus to Udaipur was an air-conditioned one which was certainly worth paying extra for. The journey was 5 and a half hours which was long enough even without sweaty the whole way.  When we arrived there was the usual plethora of rickshaw drivers vying for our custom, we picked one who ‘knew’ where our hotel was. A little while later he stopped and pointed up a steep road saying our hotel was at the top. There was a sign for a similarly named hotel but it wasn’t our, I tried to articulate this to him but he kept saying it was, he didn’t know what the road was called but ‘knew it was our hotel’. Obviously it wasn’t. We ended up just paying him (as he wouldn’t take us anywhere else) and walking to it, along the way asking for directions multiple times. Not exactly what you want to do if you’re ill and have just spent the best part of six hours on a bus.



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