Exploring Udaipur

We both felt much better today however we still wanted to err on the side of caution so went to Jheels (a slightly fancy café) and had a cheese toastie each, it went down well. Having not really been in the mood yesterday we went into quite a few of the artisan shops which surround the area, they are big on their miniature paintings and we had good fun in a gallery selecting a couple to buy. In the same area there was a Buddhist temple (Jagdish Temple) we could go in and visit, the outside of which was intricately carved and had layer upon layer of design and detail.

The toastie from earlier had settled well so we decided to brave a curry for lunch (9), we had naan, rice and channa masala which turned out to be an excellent choice. We walked through some winding roads which took us around the City Palace and enable us to have impressive, uninterrupted views of Lake Pichola which dominates the landscape and has shaped the city of Udaipur. For dinner we again fancied having a curry and opted for a rooftop restaurant called Chirag which had a decent chilled vibe and great views of the blue sky (a rarity for the trip). As the sun set there were loads of huge bats flying around and I mean huge. Their bodies were the size of a litre water bottle and their wingspan twice that, an impressive site and an impressive curry (10).


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