Cooking up a storm

In Udaipur, unlike elsewhere we have travelled in India so far, there is a plethora of small cafes and coffee shops, for breakfast we decided to try yet another new one, this one was a German bakery called Edelweiss. Here we had an omelette and banana bread alongside some fairly average coffee.

We popped into a couple of craft shops nearby, just for a browse and then went to the restaurant we ate lunch at yesterday for a cooking course. Both of us love Indian food so we thought we would have a look at the process of making some with the hopes of being able to replicate some of the dishes when we get back to the UK. We had a busy, fun time making: Paneer Butter Masala, Daal Fry, Garlic Naan, Vegetable Rice with a chatty chef and then got to eat our morning’s work for lunch (11).




After our amazing lunch (even if I do say so myself) we had a couple to hours to kill before getting a train to Bundi so we found yet another coffee shop where we spent a couple of hours chatting and playing cards. Outside during this time was a massive monsoon downpour as well as celebrations in the street. We had to ask what it was for and it turns out it was the Lord Shiva festival, everyone looked very happy despite the rain.

We the had a train to Bundi, a small town on the way to Agra, which took about six hours. During the journey we spent the majority of the time watching House of Cards (we’ve just started it so don’t spoil the ending). When we arrived in Bundi around 2230 we bargained down a price of an auto-rickshaw and jumped in, we were a fair way out of town and during the half an hour journey we had to swerve many caws who were just laying in the road, to help prevent them being hit loads of the owners had wrapped reflective tape around their horns. Our driver seemed to only know one speed and it wasn’t slow, the roads in Bundi were by far the worst we had come across so far and we both felt relieved to arrive at our hotel, the worst auto-rickshaw journey so far.

The hotel wasn’t really much of a hotel (what can you expect for £2 a night) however the staff were able to rustle up some noodles for us for a late-night dinner. Our room had a wooden bed with a 2-inch foam layer on top, needless to say it wasn’t the comfiest night we’ve ever had.

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