Delhi round two

Having unsuccessfully visited the Red Fort when we first arrived in India it was at the top of our priority list for today. We had complimentary breakfast on the roof (I’m glad it was free because I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to pay for it) and then grabbed a moto-rickshaw to Old Delhi and the fort. We paid the tourist price (over 10 times the amount an Indian pays), went through security and entered into the fort complex.

On entry you walk through what used to be the old bazaar, nowadays the shops just sell overpriced tourist tat, and then the rest of the complex was opened up to us. Both of us were immediately disappointed, it was far less impressive than any of the other palaces or forts that we had visited during the rest of our India travels. Whilst we wandered around the dilapidated pavilions and other buildings (not that we could properly explore any of them) we wondered why it had been granted UNESCO World Heritage Status, it was somewhat underwhelming.



We made a hasty retreat back to near where our hotel was and went to a bakery for lunch, Harri had pasta and I had a pizza, both were tasty and a nice change from curry, we also got a cookie which was super tasty and read whilst waiting. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the hotel chilling and packing before going out for dinner (spinach paneer and potato shells stuffed with paneer [18]) and a bar for a drink.

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