For the first time during my trip I hadn’t needed to get up for a specific time so I allowed myself a bit of a lie in, I then had the task of getting across the city to the Old Town. It proved a lot easier than expected as I was able to hail a tuk tuk (or as locals call them, a Kee Kee) which took me the whole way, dropping off and picking up passengers along the route. The most famous landmark in Freetown is the Cotton Tree the story goes that the city’s poor black settlers rested under it when they landed in Freetown in 1787 although nobody can verify quite how old it is, either way it is huge and dominates the skyline. I then went to find some food as it was late morning and I still hadn’t had anything to eat since the previous evening, a plate of rice and chicken at a small local restaurant hit the spot.

Cotton Tree

There really aren’t that many ‘sights’ to see in Freetown once I had worked out, I didn’t fancy paying $5 to see a collection of dusty Juju trinkets which was all the National Museum had to offer and beyond a couple of remnants of the British Colonial era there isn’t much else to visit. Instead I just wandered about the streets, walked through a couple of markets and explored the city until I was very hot and in need of a cold drink.


Having recovered and hydrated I was back on the west of the city and ventured out to Lumley Beach, a long expanse of sand which stretches out along one side of the city, it was pleasant to walk along but far noisier and public than the beaches in Robertsport where I really was spoilt with quality. I stopped part way along for a drink and just watched the waves rolling in before continuing further up where I eventually selected a place for dinner, although I had to wait an exceedingly long time for my meal as they took 50 minutes to cook the rice, it was worth the wait and I just read my book and by the time I finished the sun was setting so I walked back along the coast, watching the sun dip into the sea, yet another beautiful end to my day.

Lumley Beach sunset

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