Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

A long-established hideaway has been protecting one of our closest relatives since before the Sierra Leone Civil War in 1991, it takes in Chimps which have been orphaned, found in markets for sale or handed over by people who have kept them as pets, it’s a long process to rehabilitate some of them and eventually after many years at the sanctuary they’re released back into the wild.

During our visit the chimps threw rocks at us, which was fine when the rocks were small (about the size of a coin) but when we visited the larger Chimps who were bigger and stronger and could therefore throw rocks, some of which weighed 5kg it was slightly worrying but other than the fear of flying projectiles it was a really excellent few hours.

I then had a chilled afternoon sorting out some photos, withdrawing money and reading before heading out for dinner. I tried desperately to find one place I had been recommended and despite having the restaurant marked on Google Maps I still couldn’t find it, despite walking past the point where it should’ve been twice. In the end I bought a coke (in a glass bottle) and walked back, en route I past a Pizzeria and Charcuterie so I went in and had a very satisfying meal, all’s well that ends well.


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