River No. 2 Beach

Despite having been to a couple of stunning beaches already I felt the need to try out another, infamous beach, just outside of Freetown. When I say just outside, I mean 30 minutes on a motorbike. When I arrived at River No. 2 beach it was practically deserted, the fact it was a Friday morning may have had something to do with it however there were only three other people, that I could see, along the entire length. The beach itself gained some popularity after there filming of a Bounty Chocolate advert was filmed here although film stars were reported to have visited the beach long before that, prior to the Civil War. Either way the beach lived up to its reputation.

I spent the morning and half the afternoon reading, sunbathing and swimming as well as wading across River No. 2 to another beach which was completely deserted. The backdrop to both beaches was also pretty stunning, there are jungle clad hills which jut up almost immediately at the rear of the beach which creates an almost enclosed feeling.


After getting back to where I was staying in Freetown I had worked out where the restaurant I had tried and failed to find last night was so I wanted to go there, however after paying for my room I was all out of Leones (Sierra Leone’s currency), not a problem I though as there are a couple of banks with ATMs en route, unfortunately all five I tried weren’t working which turns out to be quite a common occurrence in Freetown, anyway after being direct to a shut exchange office by one of the workers at my guesthouse and eventually changing money at a supermarket (Google to the rescue) I eventually made it to the restaurant which was probably worth the effort, although I may have been biased as I was so hungry.

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