Exploring Essaouria

We spent our first full day in Essaouira exploring all around the city however, we started off by having a look around the port which has dozens of blue wooden fishing boats, stalls selling the freshest catch and old men mending nets, we spent a good deal of time walking to the end of the harbour wall and then back, stopping frequently to look at what was for sale. When we had exited the port area, we found a cluster of small stalls selling fresh fish, all of them with the produce displayed and all wanting our custom. Having built up an appetite for fish from the walking and from the exposure to so many tasty looking sea creatures we were enticed into one of the shops and didn’t have to wait too long before king prawns, Red Mullet and Sole were being placed in front of us having just been grilled on a charcoal fire in the back, one of the nicest fish meals I have ever had.

After eating our fill, we continued to explore the Medina and wandered amongst its many narrow streets, stopping occasionally to look at the many handmade products and haggling for a beautifully, hand decorated bowl and plate. We eventually made our way up to Skala de la Ville which is a fort and a long line of cannons on the fortified wall.

Not content with having seen everything yet we then went in search of the souks, albeit it was much smaller than Marrakech’s it was certainly more pleasant to walk through, without constantly being hustled. We dropped our plates off in our room, bought a much-needed drink and a crepe from one of the ubiquitous stalls and then wandered along the beach where there were dozens of young men playing football on makeshift pitches. After this we were in need of a break so made our way back to our hotel and played a couple of games of Backgammon on the roof terrace as the sun started to set.

For dinner we searched around until selecting a small, family run, restaurant along a side alley where we shared a prawn cocktail, Harri had prawn spaghetti and I had a very large Sea Bream (which Harri helped eat). To finish off dinner we had a scoop of icecrea

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