Engaged in Bagan

The day started early when we were dropped, just outside Bagan at the bus terminal, at 0630. We haggled briefly but halfheartedly with a taxi driver and were taken to the ‘Amazing Bagan Resort’, a hotel usually out of our price range but one which Luke had convinced me we needed after our previous three night’s poor sleep (I didn’t object!)

The staff we super helpful and said the room would be ready in about an hour but wanting to make the most of the day we changed clothes, hired an electric motorbike (petrol ones aren’t allowed due to air and noise pollution) and went out to explore Bagan and its hundreds of pagodas, temples and stupas.

Luke on our 30mph max e-bike

One of the main reasons we wanted to come to Burma was to see the sun set over Old Bagan, so we spent the morning driving around the area exploring temples and seeing which ones we could climb up on. Most of the temples in Bagan now have gates blocking access to the higher levels in an attempt to protect them. After frequent drink stops (did we mention it was 40 degrees!), and I lead us down a path into a sand field which wasn’t ideal for a petrol bike, let alone an electric one… Luke wasn’t best pleased, I didn’t give any more directions after that. We found a temple off the usual tracks and discovered we could climb to the top. It was ideal, so we decided we would head back there for the sunset. As it was getting to the heat of the day, we grabbed some noodles and headed back to our hotel to make the most of the pool.

Later we headed out again and explored some more temples that we hadn’t seen in the morning before grabbing some drinks to have on top of the temple we had found earlier. We (somehow) managed to navigate our way back to the same temple, which was pretty impressive as there are over 2000 temples in the area. We climbed up onto the roof, happy to find that we were the only ones there, and watched the sun start to set and the bricks of the surrounding temples begin to glow in the Golden Hour sun. We spoke about how lucky we were to have had all the adventures together already and how many more we wanted to go on in the future. Luke got up and asked if I would too, by the time I was standing, Luke had taken a knee and was asking if I would be his forever, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t stop happy crying (no surprise there)! Of course I said yes and Luke gave me the MOST amazing ring, which made me cry again… Once I finally stopped being teary, we took a picture on our temple and couldn’t stop smiling as we sat and watched the sun dip lower in the sky. 20 minutes later, just before the sun set, a Korean couple came by on their bikes with a Burmese guide and joined us on the temple, which worked out perfectly as we asked them to take a photo of us, which is now my favourite photo of all time. We felt a little guilty as they totally missed the sunset in doing so, so we quickly said bye and headed down to our bike.

Happy happy happy

We found a cute little restaurant for a celebratory dinner and a few Myanmar beers. I couldn’t stop staring at my hand and showing Luke how sparkly it was. He then told me all about his planning and how both of our families all knew! I couldn’t believe they had all managed to keep it a secret!


Thanks for all of our lovely congratulations and we can’t wait to celebrate with you soon!

Lots of love, L&Hx

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