Bagan breakdown

We had breakfast at the hotel before hiring an e-bike again and going for another exploration adventure around Old Bagan and the surrounding area. We tried to visit all the main temples we hadn’t managed to squeeze into the day before including the ones in New Bagan. All of them were from slightly different eras and as such had slightly different architectural differences, you could easily spend weeks or months in Bagan if you looked at every temple and pagoda in depth. After much wandering about we sat down for lunch at a rather non-descript restaurant but still had some really tasty noodles and fried rice.

When we felt suitably refreshed we jumped back on the bike and began the journey back toward the hotel. Almost immediately I noticed we couldn’t reach the maximum speed of 50kmph and realised we were running out of electricity. Not put off we carried on and made our way towards the hotel, albeit at a slightly slower speed. The speed kept dropping off until a few kilometres up the road we were cruising at 20kmph and people were actively laughing when they drove past. Things deteriated further, so much so that when we reached a particular small hill be were going at 8kmph when we reach the summit but this low was bettered when we came to a grinding halt on another hill and Harri had to jump off and walk as I crawled up the hill. At the top we were about a kilometre away from our hotel so I told Harri to ride the bike back and I would walk, due to the top speed now being only 8kmph on the flat Harri barely made it back before I did but she did manage to get a new bike and come and pick me up, saving me the last 200m walk.

When we were finally back we changed and sat by the pool and had a much needed refreshing drink. After feeling suitably sunned we jumped into a tuk tuk, drove to the other side of town and checked into our new hotel (somewhat cheaper). We dropped our bags and hired another bike (unfortunately it too was electric) and went to Shwezigon Pagoda; a huge and completely stunning golden temple. Once we had taken dozens of photos we went and watched sunset. We attempted to watch it at a temple we thought you could climb up but it had been shut (like every other one we could see) so we ended up on a ‘viewing bank’ (which wasn’t half as bad as it sounds, although certainly not suitable for a proposal..) We had dinner at Weather Spoons (nothing like the UK chain) and had a delicious fish curry, pad thai and fried rice, washed down with some more Mandalay beer.

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