Monopoly Ultra Marathon

In December I will be running around the real Monopoly Board in London in order to raise £5000 for the charity Mind.

I will be running 76.77 Km (47.7 miles) around Central London (trying to avoid Christmas shoppers). I will be starting at Old Kent Road and travel around the Monopoly Board (in the order they appear) to Mayfair. I will be visiting all four stations as well as the Electrical Company, Water Works and Jail.

The Oranges are really far apart..

Monopoly is a childhood classic for most of the UK population, often played at Christmas time and nearly as often ending in an argument. Alongside the traditions and festive spirits a lot of people really struggle at this time of year, the days are shorter, loneliness is felt more and people’s mental well-being can take a beating. Mind do some amazing work but can always do more, please sponsor me on this epic run across London, during one of the coldest times of year, in order to enable Mind to continue their outstanding work.

Please donate HERE.

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