This blog is a travel log of some of my experiences and views on travel.  My ultimate dream is to to visit every country in the world whilst working full-time.

My name is Luke and I am from England.  I am 24 and a serving Captain in the British Army.  I travel at weekends and holidays and in 2015, having visited a total of 17 countries in 12 months, I decided I would set myself a goal and try and visit every country in the world.  Since then I have visited over 75 countries, seen some amazing sights and met some extremely friendly people.

Follow me to hear about my experiences along the way.

82/198 – The last new country I visited was Guinea in December 2018, to see the full list of Countries I have visited check out the page.



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  1. I love that you’re showing people how they can travel and discover the world while working full time.! No need to quit your job! Re tour guides – I would say « it depends «  When I travel I research & plan everything myself – I love doing that. When on location I sometimes use tour guides for specific trips that local transport makes difficult to do (I don’t drive) Some have been spectacular and some not. PWYC tours are almost always worth it, while more organized tours are not as good. And in some places you can meet up with locals who will show you their city/town and you make a donation to the city – so not necessarily a tour guide. Just another option. I hope your blog/IG account will show people they can organize their own travels and make their own discoveries is just one of the joys of traveling.

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    1. Thanks for your support, I do actually agree that tour guides/ locals can add a lot of value to a place although I do strongly advocate people planning and going on their own adventures. Good to meet a like minded person 🙂


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