Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

A long-established hideaway has been protecting one of our closest relatives since before the Sierra Leone Civil War in 1991, it takes in Chimps which have been orphaned, found in markets for sale or handed over by people who have kept them as pets, it’s a long process to rehabilitate some of them and eventually … Continue reading Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary


For the first time during my trip I hadn’t needed to get up for a specific time so I allowed myself a bit of a lie in, I then had the task of getting across the city to the Old Town. It proved a lot easier than expected as I was able to hail a … Continue reading Freetown

Robertsport to Freetown

Whilst planning this trip back in the UK I had set aside two days for this epic journey from Robertsport in Liberia, across the border, to the Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, however I decided to give it a shot in one day. I had woken at 0430 and having packed the night before I only … Continue reading Robertsport to Freetown

Monrovia to Robertsport

After struggling to find a tuk tuk driver who knew where the correct ‘bus station’ was, the fifth man knew so drove me across the city where I paid $5 for a seat to Robertsport in a shared taxi and waited. As with elsewhere in Africa no public transport leaves until it is full and … Continue reading Monrovia to Robertsport


Arriving into a new country is always an exciting experience and each time its completely different, there is nothing like stepping off an aircraft and walking down the plane stairs to a waiting shuttle bus and getting that first smell of a different land, landing into Liberia at Roberts International Airport on the outskirts on … Continue reading Monrovia

Bus to Udaipur

Today Harri woke up feeling unwell and remained ill for the rest of the day so we had a bit of a rest day. We returned once again to Dylan's where we stayed until our bus in the afternoon. I went and booked our remaining train journeys for the trip as we had finally nailed … Continue reading Bus to Udaipur

Sudanese wedding 

​We had arranged to meet Suleiman (from the wrestling) for breakfast at 10, this meant we needed to catch a bus to the outskirts of town which we did then had to borrow a phone of a local shop owner to call Suleiman who then came to meet us.  We went to a friends restaurant … Continue reading Sudanese wedding 


​So far we have done a lot of exploring the streets of Khartoum but have yet to go to a proper souk. So we decided to go to one today. The largest souk in the city is in a district called Omdurman to the North-West of central Khartoum.  We spent ages just wandering the covered … Continue reading Omdurman

Nubian Wrestling 

​We had a chilled morning and then met our friend Paul for lunch, just along our street at a local restaurant. We then walked to a bus stop to catch a local (mini)bus to the edge of town and one of the poorer districts. Khartoum is made up of lots of different ethnicities but the … Continue reading Nubian Wrestling 

Meroe Pyramids 

​Today started early by getting picked up by Osman, our driver for the day at 0630. We needed a driver as there is a minimal amount of public transport going in the direction of the pyramids and none on the return. The pyramids themselves are about 3 hours drive out of Khartoum, it took a … Continue reading Meroe Pyramids