Agra Fort

The train we caught to Agra only had sleeper class. There are eight different classes of ticket on Indian railways and sleeper class is second from bottom, above it you have; First AC (very fancy airconditioned beds), Executive Class (very fancy airconditioned seats), Second AC (fancy airconditioned beds), First Class (fancy airconditioned seats), Third AC … Continue reading Agra Fort

Jungle Fortress

We woke up with slightly sore backs and went onto the roof terrace for some breakfast and to plan the day ahead. We were going to visit the 500-year-old Bundi Palace, Chitrasala (a small 18th century fort) and Taragarh (an overgrow 14th Century fort). Bundi isn’t on a lot of travellers lists of places to … Continue reading Jungle Fortress

Cooking up a storm

In Udaipur, unlike elsewhere we have travelled in India so far, there is a plethora of small cafes and coffee shops, for breakfast we decided to try yet another new one, this one was a German bakery called Edelweiss. Here we had an omelette and banana bread alongside some fairly average coffee. We popped into … Continue reading Cooking up a storm

Exploring Udaipur

We both felt much better today however we still wanted to err on the side of caution so went to Jheels (a slightly fancy café) and had a cheese toastie each, it went down well. Having not really been in the mood yesterday we went into quite a few of the artisan shops which surround … Continue reading Exploring Udaipur

Ill in Udaipur

Our first morning in Udaipur we decided to have some ‘plain’ food so headed to a more western restaurant (called The Little Prince) and ordered pasta for breakfast (more of a brunch as it was about 1100). Neither of us managed to finish our meal, partly because we hadn’t eaten much over the past couple … Continue reading Ill in Udaipur

Jodhpur’s Blue City

We had to check out of our hotel (Dylan's Cafe and Guesthouse) as we had only booked for one night but we were staying in Jodhpur for two, it was a shame in one sense as the staff were super friendly and helpful but our room had been so hot it wasn't a great upset. … Continue reading Jodhpur’s Blue City

Trouble with trains

Today we left our hotel to walk across the city to have breakfast (more parnatha) and then to visit the City Palace. There were a few varieties of entrance ticket ranging from Rs150 (£2) up to Rs3000 (£40), neither of us could really understand the massive price difference so we opted for the cheapest option … Continue reading Trouble with trains

Indian Adventure

We arrived in New Delhi late at night after briefly stopping in Munich and after cruising through passport control we walked out of departures and were hit by the heat. My girlfriend Harri has been to 37 countries and India is my 79th  however neither of us had experienced humid heat like this before. I … Continue reading Indian Adventure

Back to the city

​We had a leisurely start and go the most out of the comforts our room provided before heading back down to the train station, this time we were successful in the purchase of tickets. Two second class tickets to Colombo (the capital of Sri Lanka). We thankfully managed to get a seat for the 2.5 … Continue reading Back to the city


​We had decided we would do two days of diving and on our second day we walked along the beach to the office in the morning and made it on time. Our first dive was with a larger group and took us further out to a different reef, it was a fun dive although it … Continue reading Galle