We arrived late in Kotor Bay after the bus journey from Albania took a couple of hours longer than expected because of the border. We woke up and wandered through the cobbled streets of Kotor Old Town which is full of little streets which connect big open squares, with restaurants and cafes. After breakfast in … Continue reading Kotor


Travel Escapades: Adventures and upsets around the world was published yesterday and is available to buy on Amazon and at other retailers, check it out here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Travel-Escapades-Upsets-adventures-around/dp/191606910X/ref=zg_bs_279911_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=F759Y3YE5YAGHD5496DP. The book is about some of my adventures around the world which didn't quite go to plan and how I managed to work my way out of the … Continue reading BOOK OUT NOW


In less than a week my book called 'Travel Escapades: Upsets and adventures around the world' will be available to purchase, you can currently place pre-orders on amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Travel-Escapades-Upsets-adventures-around/dp/191606910X/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=travel+escapades&qid=1562826338&s=gateway&sr=8-2. The book itself is a collection of 13 of my travel experiences which didn't quite go to plan and how I muddled my way through … Continue reading I HAVE WRITTEN A BOOK

Ukrainian layover

​I caught train from Central London to Heathrow and briefly enjoyed an empty departures lounge (our flight was the second last of the day) before boarding and the wheels were up by 2310. I managed to go to sleep but the flight was only 3 hours so I was awake about an hour after falling … Continue reading Ukrainian layover

‘Home’ with jet lag

The funny thing about travelling half way round the world is that your body syncs to that time zone so when you return you arre then out of sync with your previous norm, commonly known as Jet Lag and something I am suffering from right now as I write this at 0332 (GMT +1) whereas … Continue reading ‘Home’ with jet lag

European Road Trip (Part 2)

Liechtenstein We briefly popped out of Switzerland to visit the capital Vaduz.  Interestingly enough, not only is Liechtenstein one of the smallest countries in the world (6th)with neither an airport or a train station in the capital it is also only one of two double landlocked countries in the world (the other one being Uzbekistan).  … Continue reading European Road Trip (Part 2)

European Road Trip (Part 1)

UK-France-Belgium-Luxemburg-Germany-Switzerland-Lietchenstein-Italy-San Marino-Monaco- Spain-Andorra As I mentioned in my first post, at Easter this year I went on a road trip in my Volvo estate with one of my best mates Chris. Why those countries? The aim of the trip was to visit the small European countries you would never normally have a reason to visit … Continue reading European Road Trip (Part 1)