Exploring Erbil

​After arriving so late we didn't get up until 0830. We are staying at a place called Madera Hotel which has breakfast included, so we piled our plates high with cucumber, melon, banana, bread and eggs accompanied by coffee. Not a bad way to start the day. Immediately as we walked out of the hotel … Continue reading Exploring Erbil

Travelling to Iraq

​A few months ago my sister asked me what my next travel plans were.  When she found out I wanted to come to Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan and Egypt she excitedly asked to join. We flew to Erbil from London Stanstead via Madrid and Istanbul.  We landed a little after 0100, after about 20 hours of … Continue reading Travelling to Iraq

Escaping Israel

Leaving plenty of time to make it to the airport after a lazy start I walked to the Sherut (shared taxi) rank where I enquired about going to Tel Aviv airport, minibuses to Tel Aviv were common but nobody else was travelling to the airport. In the end I bartered for a price which was … Continue reading Escaping Israel

Palestine and Bethlehem

Today started out early at 0600, I was determined to make it to Temple Mount today. I made it to the Moor's Gate (the only one none Muslims are allowed through) at 0645 as the gates had opened at 0700 the other day, today there was a sign saying 0730. Not wanting to waste time … Continue reading Palestine and Bethlehem

Dead Sea

My alarm went off at 0600 as I intended to go to Temple Mount at 0700 when it opened but as I still had plenty of time in Jerusalem I turned over and went back to sleep, finally getting up at 0800 as that was when the free breakfast was on, a couple of slices … Continue reading Dead Sea


I left the hostel early and walked across the South of Tel Aviv to the Central Bus station to get on of the frequent services to Jerusalem, the terminal was a complete minefield with no set out structure and seemingly no proper floors as they were all over lapping and sloped, eventually I found the … Continue reading Jerusalem

Too many flights

An early start at 6 to catch my first flight, mainly because I didn't quite know how I was getting to the airport. I had read that there was a junction where you could pick up minivans to take you to the airport for just $2 and I thought I knew where it was as … Continue reading Too many flights

Travelling to the Middle East

As with the start of most my trips this one too began with an airport. I was dropped off at Heathrow and sailed straight through security as I had checked in online. The flight to Beruit was actually two flights, the first to Frankfurt and then a second onto Lebanon. Both passed without incident and … Continue reading Travelling to the Middle East