Riding the ore train

Today started before dawn as we needed to travel 3(ish) hours from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border via taxi. We found numerous taxi drivers but none of them was willing to take us down and they all said we needed a Grand Taxi. A Grand Taxi turned out to be an antiquated Mercedes saloon which … Continue reading Riding the ore train

Sand, sea, stops

Today started on a coach travelling from Marrakech in Morocco all the way south to Dakahla in Western Sahara, the journey was 23 hours long. During the. journey. we slept, booth finished our books and also. stopped. multiple times. Most of these stops we worked out were for prayer but some seemed to be for … Continue reading Sand, sea, stops

Into Africa

Towards the start of this year I decided that my next trip would either be to Latin America or to Africa, I chose to backpack through Central America, from Mexico down to Panama, but now I'm fulfilling my other wish, Africa. I was dropped of at the airport an hour and a half before departure … Continue reading Into Africa

Palestine and Bethlehem

Today started out early at 0600, I was determined to make it to Temple Mount today. I made it to the Moor's Gate (the only one none Muslims are allowed through) at 0645 as the gates had opened at 0700 the other day, today there was a sign saying 0730. Not wanting to waste time … Continue reading Palestine and Bethlehem

Too many flights

An early start at 6 to catch my first flight, mainly because I didn't quite know how I was getting to the airport. I had read that there was a junction where you could pick up minivans to take you to the airport for just $2 and I thought I knew where it was as … Continue reading Too many flights

Travelling to the Middle East

As with the start of most my trips this one too began with an airport. I was dropped off at Heathrow and sailed straight through security as I had checked in online. The flight to Beruit was actually two flights, the first to Frankfurt and then a second onto Lebanon. Both passed without incident and … Continue reading Travelling to the Middle East


Day 3 saw us travel from Vancouver across the USA border, down to Portland. We had a complimentary breakfast at our hostel, during which we discussed and planed the next few days worth of driving. Midmorning we left and I successfully managed to navigate us out of the city onto the correct road which would … Continue reading USA

Never End Peace And Love (1)

A year to the day after the horrific earthquake which struck Nepal I thought I would share my experiences of my trip to the county in 2013. Day 1 London Heathrow-Kathmandu (KTM) 7-8/01/13 The definition of a day is a continuous 24 hour period but I class a day as time between 2 sleeps, so … Continue reading Never End Peace And Love (1)

No Excuses

2015 has been the year I really started travelling. By the end of 2014 I had visited 17 countries (18 if you include my home country the UK), a moderate number for an average guy with a job, in the non-travelling community.  In 2015 I nearly doubled that number whilst still managing to hold down … Continue reading No Excuses