Salt Lake City

We said goodbye to Las Vegas after getting our photo with the 'welcome to Vegas' sign and drove North out of the hustle and bustle and onto I-15 heading to Salt Lake City. As per the majority of the roads we have driven today's one was an excellent drive. Even though it was an interstate … Continue reading Salt Lake City

Lazy Las Vegas

Having been on the road, driving long distances virtually every day, we decided to stay an extra night and have a lie in today. After an all you can eat brunch we found the pool and spent the rest of the day sunbathing . Much needed relaxation. The pool itself was quite small but there … Continue reading Lazy Las Vegas

Grand Canyon

We had breakfast at IHOP (international house of pancakes) which was great and somewhere I would recommend to anyone not on a diet. The drive to the Grand Canyon is about two and a half hours and takes you into Arizona (our 5th state of the trip). When we got there we found out that … Continue reading Grand Canyon

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Getting out of LA was easier than arriving and thankfully we weren't stuck in traffic much due to it being the weekend. The route to Las Vegas was pretty much just along one interstate all the way. When we got to Vegas we checked into the Flamingo Hotel on the main strip. We went exploring … Continue reading What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


After an average nights sleep we had breakfast at the service station before continuing south through California to LA. We had a hard time traversing the city to find our hostel which was near the coast and Venice beach. After dropping our bags at the hostel we wandered down to the beach where we went … Continue reading Hollywood

Half Dome

Both Julia and Micel had gone to work by 8 when we got up but Julia had left a note with suggestions for all the places to visit and stay on our route which was a lovely gesture. After a coffee we then attempted to leave the city although it wasn't as easy as it … Continue reading Half Dome

The Pirate

We explored the city after breakfast and then once we'd had our exercise for the day we went to one of the viewpoints for the bridge, unluckily for us it was still covered in cloud so the pictures are as equally exciting as yesterday. At 1300 we were meeting a friend of a colleague who … Continue reading The Pirate