Travel Escapades: Adventures and upsets around the world was published yesterday and is available to buy on Amazon and at other retailers, check it out here: The book is about some of my adventures around the world which didn't quite go to plan and how I managed to work my way out of the … Continue reading BOOK OUT NOW


In less than a week my book called 'Travel Escapades: Upsets and adventures around the world' will be available to purchase, you can currently place pre-orders on amazon at: The book itself is a collection of 13 of my travel experiences which didn't quite go to plan and how I muddled my way through … Continue reading I HAVE WRITTEN A BOOK

Escaping Israel

Leaving plenty of time to make it to the airport after a lazy start I walked to the Sherut (shared taxi) rank where I enquired about going to Tel Aviv airport, minibuses to Tel Aviv were common but nobody else was travelling to the airport. In the end I bartered for a price which was … Continue reading Escaping Israel

Never End Peace And Love (20)

Day 20 Lukla- Thamel 27/01/13 My alarm woke me with its annoying tone (chosen for just this reason) at 05.30. The reason for waking so early was because I was flying back to Kathmandu. After dressing and packing I was ready to leave, downstairs at 10 to 6. The previous night Aashman had said 06.30 … Continue reading Never End Peace And Love (20)

Free ride in the back of a cop car

Don't worry I wasn't arrested, at least i wasn't really anyway but I'll come back to that in a minute. Having arrived in Panama City in the very early hours of the morning feeling quite tiered, as soon as the metro opened (at 0500) we went to leave the bus terminal but before we could … Continue reading Free ride in the back of a cop car