Half Dome

Both Julia and Micel had gone to work by 8 when we got up but Julia had left a note with suggestions for all the places to visit and stay on our route which was a lovely gesture. After a coffee we then attempted to leave the city although it wasn't as easy as it … Continue reading Half Dome

The Pirate

We explored the city after breakfast and then once we'd had our exercise for the day we went to one of the viewpoints for the bridge, unluckily for us it was still covered in cloud so the pictures are as equally exciting as yesterday. At 1300 we were meeting a friend of a colleague who … Continue reading The Pirate

The Rock

Having slept in the car last night to save both money and time we got up early, after a mediocre sleep (nothing like sleeping in the back of my Volvo) and went to find the Giant Redwood you can drive through, very touristy but how often do you get to drive through a tree? Unfortunately … Continue reading The Rock

Having a whale of a time

We picked up breakfast and lunch at a local convenience store before making our way back onto the I-5. I navigated us out of town and to the coast, onto highway 101 which follows the Pacific coast. Almost immediately we were rewarded with amazing views out to see and as the road hugged the coast … Continue reading Having a whale of a time


Day 3 saw us travel from Vancouver across the USA border, down to Portland. We had a complimentary breakfast at our hostel, during which we discussed and planed the next few days worth of driving. Midmorning we left and I successfully managed to navigate us out of the city onto the correct road which would … Continue reading USA

Across the Rockies

Day two of the trip started in Banff and ended in Vancouver, which for any of you who have seen a map of North America will appreciate it is a long old way. It is 800km or to all you American and British readers it is 500 miles. Nick had still had time before he … Continue reading Across the Rockies

Central American Bus Travel

Having recently returned from backpacking in Central America having solely used buses as transport I thought I would share my experiences.  There are 3 main types of bus Minivans, Long-distance buses and Chicken buses. Minivans These large taxis rule the roost in the towns and cities of Central America, some have designated routes, some are … Continue reading Central American Bus Travel

European Road Trip (Part 2)

Liechtenstein We briefly popped out of Switzerland to visit the capital Vaduz.  Interestingly enough, not only is Liechtenstein one of the smallest countries in the world (6th)with neither an airport or a train station in the capital it is also only one of two double landlocked countries in the world (the other one being Uzbekistan).  … Continue reading European Road Trip (Part 2)

European Road Trip (Part 1)

UK-France-Belgium-Luxemburg-Germany-Switzerland-Lietchenstein-Italy-San Marino-Monaco- Spain-Andorra As I mentioned in my first post, at Easter this year I went on a road trip in my Volvo estate with one of my best mates Chris. Why those countries? The aim of the trip was to visit the small European countries you would never normally have a reason to visit … Continue reading European Road Trip (Part 1)