In less than a week my book called 'Travel Escapades: Upsets and adventures around the world' will be available to purchase, you can currently place pre-orders on amazon at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Travel-Escapades-Upsets-adventures-around/dp/191606910X/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=travel+escapades&qid=1562826338&s=gateway&sr=8-2. The book itself is a collection of 13 of my travel experiences which didn't quite go to plan and how I muddled my way through … Continue reading I HAVE WRITTEN A BOOK


Bagan breakdown

We had breakfast at the hotel before hiring an e-bike again and going for another exploration adventure around Old Bagan and the surrounding area. We tried to visit all the main temples we hadn’t managed to squeeze into the day before including the ones in New Bagan. All of them were from slightly different eras … Continue reading Bagan breakdown

Engaged in Bagan

The day started early when we were dropped, just outside Bagan at the bus terminal, at 0630. We haggled briefly but halfheartedly with a taxi driver and were taken to the ‘Amazing Bagan Resort’, a hotel usually out of our price range but one which Luke had convinced me we needed after our previous three … Continue reading Engaged in Bagan

Jaipur Curries

After arriving late in Jaipur, we didn’t get up at the crack of dawn although we were still up and ready by about 9. We then walked half an hour across the Jaipur to the Old City where had curry for breakfast from a balcony overlooking the Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) which is … Continue reading Jaipur Curries

The ‘Ghost Town’ on the Arabian peninsular

Work complete, bags backed, another adventure underway. It was once more with my girlfriend Harri. We were flying to Sri Lanka, via the Arabian Peninsular. The first leg (Heathrow to Doha) was an odd flight, it was about 6 hours long but the duration, time difference (3 hours) and the awkward positioning of the in … Continue reading The ‘Ghost Town’ on the Arabian peninsular

Friendly Kazakhstan

​Again today started very early with my plane landing at 0315 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Having filled in a landing card on the plane I only needed to describe my itinerary and where I was staying and I was stamped into Kazakhstan, my 67th country. With no luggage to pick up I went via the information … Continue reading Friendly Kazakhstan

Palestine and Bethlehem

Today started out early at 0600, I was determined to make it to Temple Mount today. I made it to the Moor's Gate (the only one none Muslims are allowed through) at 0645 as the gates had opened at 0700 the other day, today there was a sign saying 0730. Not wanting to waste time … Continue reading Palestine and Bethlehem