Palestine and Bethlehem

Today started out early at 0600, I was determined to make it to Temple Mount today. I made it to the Moor's Gate (the only one none Muslims are allowed through) at 0645 as the gates had opened at 0700 the other day, today there was a sign saying 0730. Not wanting to waste time … Continue reading Palestine and Bethlehem

Start of the North American roadtrip

*photos to follow when a better wifi source is found* The start of two weeks road-tripping Canada and the United States. From the Canadian prairies, down the West Coast to LA and then inland an back north through central USA. My travel partner and driver (because I'm not 25 and it would be C$30 a … Continue reading Start of the North American roadtrip

20 Smallest Countries in the World

Having visited 6 of the countries on this list including 5 in the top 10 I thought I would compile the ultimate list of the world’s tiniest countries from 20 down to 1. 20 Singapore 719km² (278 miles²) Singapore is in South East Asia and lies at the tip of the Southernmost tip of continental … Continue reading 20 Smallest Countries in the World

Top 10 countries with the highest murder rates in the World

Colombia - Murder rate per 100,000: 30.8 (Total murders: 14,670) Colombia has evolved as a highly segregated society, split between the traditionally rich families of Spanish descent and the vast majority of poor Colombians.  After over half a century of civil war and the rise and fall of drug trafficking empires, Colombia has made huge strides … Continue reading Top 10 countries with the highest murder rates in the World

Why travel solo?

"The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready." Henry David Thoreau Travelling to some far flung corner of the world where they don't speak you language can be a daunting process, especially if it is your first time travelling and I think … Continue reading Why travel solo?

Central American Bus Travel

Having recently returned from backpacking in Central America having solely used buses as transport I thought I would share my experiences.  There are 3 main types of bus Minivans, Long-distance buses and Chicken buses. Minivans These large taxis rule the roost in the towns and cities of Central America, some have designated routes, some are … Continue reading Central American Bus Travel