French layover

I woke early to have breakfast, then explored a little more of Algiers before heading to the airport, hailing down a taxi after about 5 minutes walking. This was the first country I had tried to leave after the debacle I had in Israel but thankfully I wasn't interrogated here and was allowed to pass … Continue reading French layover

Escaping Israel

Leaving plenty of time to make it to the airport after a lazy start I walked to the Sherut (shared taxi) rank where I enquired about going to Tel Aviv airport, minibuses to Tel Aviv were common but nobody else was travelling to the airport. In the end I bartered for a price which was … Continue reading Escaping Israel

Travelling to the Middle East

As with the start of most my trips this one too began with an airport. I was dropped off at Heathrow and sailed straight through security as I had checked in online. The flight to Beruit was actually two flights, the first to Frankfurt and then a second onto Lebanon. Both passed without incident and … Continue reading Travelling to the Middle East

Never End Peace And Love (20)

Day 20 Lukla- Thamel 27/01/13 My alarm woke me with its annoying tone (chosen for just this reason) at 05.30. The reason for waking so early was because I was flying back to Kathmandu. After dressing and packing I was ready to leave, downstairs at 10 to 6. The previous night Aashman had said 06.30 … Continue reading Never End Peace And Love (20)

Never End Peace And Love (5)

Day 5 Start of the trek   Kathmandu - Lukla 12/01/13 My alarm went off at 05.20 which left me enough time to get ready and leave by 05.45. At 05.40 I was downstairs ready and waiting for Aashman. Having not turned up at 0545 and after various phone calls from the hotel, at my panicked request, … Continue reading Never End Peace And Love (5)

And for a bonus point Dominican Republic

Today was the day I did goodbye to Panama and to Central America, I left the hotel early, caught a bus to Albrook, the main bus terminal.  I had read that you could get a bus which took you all the way to the airport (which is 40km outside the city) and to look out … Continue reading And for a bonus point Dominican Republic