Bishkek and back 

​To stay in Kazakhstan 5 or more days you have to register although its not the easiest solution as the registration office is only open limited hours on limited days, of is meant to be free but travellers often get charged a "registration" fee. Too avoid queuing and potentially not being able to register I … Continue reading Bishkek and back 

Bishkek to the border

It was a slow morning today, started with a complimentary breakfast of bread and eggs with a coffee before chilling and reading. The girls were going back to Almaty today so the 3 of us went out for lunch at a Mexican restaurant (recommended by one of their friends) where I had a chicken burrito. … Continue reading Bishkek to the border

A change of pace

A short walk from our hostel was a patisserie where we got a selection of croissants and danish swirls for breakfast before jumping into a taxi to the bus station. When we got to where it was meant to be it was shut and had been for two years, not the first time the most … Continue reading A change of pace

Haggling, hustling, hampering

We made our way, via taxi, to the bus 'terminal' for transport to the Mauritanian/Senegalese border. After paying and waiting for about 45 minutes we set off in a rather cramp minibus on a 6 hour journey through the desert/countryside. The two of us were in the front seats so had great views of the … Continue reading Haggling, hustling, hampering

Riding the ore train

Today started before dawn as we needed to travel 3(ish) hours from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border via taxi. We found numerous taxi drivers but none of them was willing to take us down and they all said we needed a Grand Taxi. A Grand Taxi turned out to be an antiquated Mercedes saloon which … Continue reading Riding the ore train

El Salvador to Honduras

As described in yesterday's post San Salvador is a city of two halves, today I got to see a bit more of the city. Cristina and I decided we would first head to the bus station to get a ticket to Honduras for me and then wander round the 'sights'. The sights really didn't consist … Continue reading El Salvador to Honduras

El Salvador

I thought El Salvador (The Saviour) was a very appropriate place to visit after Easter Sunday.  The bus I got was headed to San Salvador, the capital city.  According to google maps the journey should have taken 4.5 hours, in fact it took over 9 with a stop at the border of and hour and … Continue reading El Salvador

Travel balls up No. 2

This time it was my fault, kind of.  Due to being delayed 2 days in Mexico I had to cut short my plans in Belize (basically I didn't have time to go scuba diving).  I had decided to get a mid morning bus (the earliest) to Tikal (Mayan temples) in Guatemala.  No buses from Belize … Continue reading Travel balls up No. 2