Pyramids of Giza

We left our hostel just after half 7 with what we thought was plenty of time to cross Cairo and travel the 7km to Giza, unfortunately we had vastly miscalculated Cairo traffic so we arrived at the gates at about half past 8. The gates having been open for half an hour already meant that … Continue reading Pyramids of Giza

Exploring Cairo

​Having slept like logs and not set an alarm to wake us up we started the day at a leisurely 0830 with a complimentary breakfast. Breakfast was two rolls with jam and spreadable cheese and an egg, a slimed down version of the one we had in Iraq. Although not the top tourist attraction in … Continue reading Exploring Cairo

Nuweiba to Cairo

​Having arrived in Newiba just after 0100 (Egyptian time) we (the 8 tourists) were escorted off the ferry first albeit without our passports we were then walked across to the arrivals terminal, shepherded through security to the visa desk. Unfortunately Emily and I had taken the word of a Jordanian travel rep who said we … Continue reading Nuweiba to Cairo