The last border

San Jose to Panama City is a 15 hour bus ride and as such requires suitable preparation. Wanting to rid myself of my last Colones (Costa Rican currency) I went to the same bakery as a couple of days ago and bought myself a selection of different pastries for breakfast and lunch, across the road … Continue reading The last border

Back to the city

Yet another breakfast of rice, beans and eggs (not that I think I will ever bore of it) was followed by a meander to a coffee shop, I had already achieved what I had come to Monteverde for yesterday so I had nothing on my agenda other than finding a coffee shop, sitting down with … Continue reading Back to the city

Cloud Forest

So I didn't sleep too well last night, just before I was going to sleep, by the light of my tablet, I saw above me, on one of the bunk bed beams, a scorpion. It wasn't the biggest scorpion in the world but for a man who has grown up in a country with virtually … Continue reading Cloud Forest

From the city to the jungle

Having been up before 0630 for the previous few days I decided to sleep in until 0830 where I answered emails and messages and went in search of breakfast, hardly anywhere was open because it was a Sunday but I did find a supermarket which was open so I bought 4 apples, across the road … Continue reading From the city to the jungle

Costa Rica

A pre 6 o'clock start once again for an early bus departure, again heading south, again crossing another border. This time to Costa Rica. The border as always was an interesting affair you have to pay $4 departure tax and then to enter Costa Rica you need proof of onward travel so I had to … Continue reading Costa Rica