Easter Sunday

I woke just after 7 and in an Easter spirit I went to a French bakery and bought myself a cinnamon swirl (it was the closest I could get to a hot cross bun). I then went for a coffee to chill and catch up with emails etc. After a relaxed start I decided that … Continue reading Easter Sunday

Lago de Atitlan

Today yet again started before the sun was up, I walked the virtually empty streets to where the bus to the lake was leaving from and about 15 minutes later it turned up and we all got on, over an hour later it finally left after we had waited for some Guatemalan friends of the driver. … Continue reading Lago de Atitlan

The colourful town of Antigua

Not the former British colony of Antigua and Barbuda but Antigua, Guatemala (pronounced Anteegwa). After a very uneventful over night bus from Flores I arrived at my hostel just before 0700, I eventually managed to wake up the proprietor who allowed me to drop my bag even though check in wasn't until 1400. Wandering the … Continue reading The colourful town of Antigua


It was an early start (0430) to drive the 63km to Tikal, once we got there I parted the rest of the group (due to my aversion to tour guides) and what a good decision it turned out to be.  I immediately headed to the main plaza where two of the largest temples are also … Continue reading Tikal

Travel balls up No. 2

This time it was my fault, kind of.  Due to being delayed 2 days in Mexico I had to cut short my plans in Belize (basically I didn't have time to go scuba diving).  I had decided to get a mid morning bus (the earliest) to Tikal (Mayan temples) in Guatemala.  No buses from Belize … Continue reading Travel balls up No. 2