Travelling to Amman

Our flight left at 0315 this morning, thankfully we left plenty of time as we had a full search of our taxi on arrival at the airport and then had to go through a full security check before checking in. The check in however was straight forward and we bought a drink with the last … Continue reading Travelling to Amman


​Sulaymania or Selaymani or Selmini or about 5 other different spellings of the city was where we headed today after our complimentary breakfast. We checked out of the room and left our bags at reception before grabbing a taxi to Sulaymaniah Garaj where we were able to get a shared taxi for the two and … Continue reading Sulaymaniah 

Travelling to Iraq

​A few months ago my sister asked me what my next travel plans were.  When she found out I wanted to come to Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan and Egypt she excitedly asked to join. We flew to Erbil from London Stanstead via Madrid and Istanbul.  We landed a little after 0100, after about 20 hours of … Continue reading Travelling to Iraq