Traveller in Tashkent

​I arrived in Shymkent (the nearest city to the Uzbek border) at 0630 and near!my straight away found a shared taxi to take me to the crossing, it took just over two hours and cost me about £4 although when we arrived at the border the woman who drove us started asking for more money … Continue reading Traveller in Tashkent

Never End Peace And Love (20)

Day 20 Lukla- Thamel 27/01/13 My alarm woke me with its annoying tone (chosen for just this reason) at 05.30. The reason for waking so early was because I was flying back to Kathmandu. After dressing and packing I was ready to leave, downstairs at 10 to 6. The previous night Aashman had said 06.30 … Continue reading Never End Peace And Love (20)