Change of plan

We woke up in time to get to the Guinea embassy before it opened in order to beat any potential queues. Unsurprisingly there was nobody else waiting and we were able to speak to one of the workers who told us we required copies of our passports, Guinea-Bissau visa page and also our yellow fever … Continue reading Change of plan

3 countries, 2 border crossings and 1 very long day

We got up early knowing we had a long day ahead of us as we needed to travel from Banjul in Gambia back through Senegal, which surrounds Gambia and then onto Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau. We flagged down a minibus, the main form of transport for locals (some who weren't too impressed with pour … Continue reading 3 countries, 2 border crossings and 1 very long day

A change of pace

A short walk from our hostel was a patisserie where we got a selection of croissants and danish swirls for breakfast before jumping into a taxi to the bus station. When we got to where it was meant to be it was shut and had been for two years, not the first time the most … Continue reading A change of pace

Haggling, hustling, hampering

We made our way, via taxi, to the bus 'terminal' for transport to the Mauritanian/Senegalese border. After paying and waiting for about 45 minutes we set off in a rather cramp minibus on a 6 hour journey through the desert/countryside. The two of us were in the front seats so had great views of the … Continue reading Haggling, hustling, hampering

By any means

Having arrived in Choum, on the ore train, at 0230 and we wandered around a little until we were kindly pointed to the 'taxi office' where about 20 men were arguing over space and luggage on the back of a pick up. Like them we too wanted to go to Atar, a desert town, three … Continue reading By any means

Riding the ore train

Today started before dawn as we needed to travel 3(ish) hours from Dakhla to the Mauritanian border via taxi. We found numerous taxi drivers but none of them was willing to take us down and they all said we needed a Grand Taxi. A Grand Taxi turned out to be an antiquated Mercedes saloon which … Continue reading Riding the ore train

Sand, sea, stops

Today started on a coach travelling from Marrakech in Morocco all the way south to Dakahla in Western Sahara, the journey was 23 hours long. During the. journey. we slept, booth finished our books and also. stopped. multiple times. Most of these stops we worked out were for prayer but some seemed to be for … Continue reading Sand, sea, stops

Desert Preparations

I woke quite late, hardly surprising after my late arrival, and was treated to a local breakfast made by the hostel owner, accompanied by my first mint tea of the trip, just as sugary as I remember when I last visited 6 years ago. My friend Nick, a fallow Army Officer was due to land … Continue reading Desert Preparations

Escaping Israel

Leaving plenty of time to make it to the airport after a lazy start I walked to the Sherut (shared taxi) rank where I enquired about going to Tel Aviv airport, minibuses to Tel Aviv were common but nobody else was travelling to the airport. In the end I bartered for a price which was … Continue reading Escaping Israel

Palestine and Bethlehem

Today started out early at 0600, I was determined to make it to Temple Mount today. I made it to the Moor's Gate (the only one none Muslims are allowed through) at 0645 as the gates had opened at 0700 the other day, today there was a sign saying 0730. Not wanting to waste time … Continue reading Palestine and Bethlehem